Volume 32 – Symposium

2023 Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy Symposium

“Re-entry into Society: Examining the Barriers Formerly Incarcerated People Face for Successful Re-entry”

Friday, February 10, 2023

The United States continues to have one of the highest recidivism rates in the world. This year’s symposium addresses the challenges formerly incarcerated people face in re-entering society. The program examines current issues surrounding housing access, employment, fines/fees, and financial marginalization. The symposium will host academics, legal scholars, and re-entry court graduates to provide ideas on how to reform the current system.


  • Judge Stephen Bough, U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Missouri
  • Mike Fonkert, Kansas Appleseed
  • Lucius Couloute, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice, Suffolk University
  • Emily Salisbury, Associate Professor, College of Social Work, University of Utah, Director, Utah Criminal Justice Center
  • Chidi Umez-Rowley, Deputy Program Director, Counsel of State Governments Justice Center

Symposium Issue

Introductory Article

Alternative Courts and Intensive Supervision Work by Stephen R. Bough

A Look Into Re-Entry Programs by Raul Malagon

Housing Insecurity Among People With Criminal Records: A Focus on Landlords by Dr. Lucius Couloute & Kacie Snyder

Financial Marginalization, Housing Access, Transportation, and Employment: Intersectional Considerations In Women’s Reentry by Ariel Roddy, PhD, Kaelyn Sanders, Christian Sarver, PhD, and Emily Salisbury, PhD