Welcome to the Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy

As Editor-in-Chief, I welcome you to the Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy‘s online home. The Journal (ISSN 1055-8942) is published three times a year by students at the University of Kansas School of Law. We are a non-partisan student-governed organization devoted to the study, commentary, and analysis of domestic legal and social issues. 

The Journal fosters a broad notion of diversity in public policy debates and provides a forum for the discussion of public policy issues. Our publication also aspires to serve a broad audience of decision-makers and spur intellectual discourse amongst its readers. We specifically target groups like legislators, judges, educators, and voters—each of which play a valuable role in the legal process.

I hope you enjoy the scholarship featured in Volume 32 and our new website. Please check back periodically for more content and other Journal-related news.

Joshua Sipp — Editor-in-Chief