Volume 31

Volume 31 Masthead

Issue 1

Addressing Sexual Assault in Criminal Justice, Higher Education and Employment: What Restorative Justice Means for Survivors and Community Accountability by Janet Neeley (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 1)

Williams Revisited: Sixty Years After the Case that Decided the Kansas Water Appropriation Act by Diana Stanley (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 62)

Including, but Not Limited to, Personal Injury, Disability and Death: The Problems of University Liability Waivers for Covid-19 Protections by Kaitlyn Filip & Kat Albrecht (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 89)

How Compassionate Is It?: Suggestions for Improving the Compassionate Release Statutes in Kansas by Audrey Nelson (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 131)

Impacts of County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund on Clean Water Act Groundwater Regulation and What Comes Next by Riley Cooney (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 161)

Issue 2

Stigmatizing Narratives in Military Sexual Trauma Cases by Renée Burbank (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 185)

Holding the United States Liable for Indian Country Crime by Adam Crepelle (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 223)

Testocracy: The Undemocratic System of Standardized Testing in the United States by James Naughton (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 263)

Prior Involuntary Institutionalization Does Not Justify a Lifetime Second Amendment Ban: An Originalist Approach to 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(4) by Ben Ramberg (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 297)

College Campus Police Abolition by Trey A. Duran (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 327)

Issue 3

University of Kansas School of Law “Post-Pandemic Privacy” Symposium: Keynote Speech by Kimberly M. Mutcherson (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 363)

COVID-19 & The Myth of Health Data Privacy by Leah R. Fowler (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 373)

Contact Tracing Apps and Privacy: The German Example by David W. Opderbeck (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 391)

New Global Health Surveillance Technologies and the Protection of Community and Patient Privacy by Sam F. Halabi (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 413)

Mainstreaming Telehealth? Start With the Underserved by Barry R. Furrow (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 435)

Roundtable Discussion on the Disproportionate Impact of the Pandemic in Racially Marginalized Communities by Teri Dobbins Baxter, Thomas Williams, Jacob Elberg, Barry R. Furrow & Renée Landers (31 Kan. J.L. Pub. Pol’y 463)